Summer Hope

We plan to spend the summer with a special emphasis on children’s ministry. It is the perfect time to invest in young people while they are free to fill their time with things other than school.  A youth group from Illinois is coming to help us do some ministry in the parks of Greeley. Please pray for the planning to go smoothly and that we will all be effective in our spiritual service.

Some don’t see independent children’s programs as direct ministries of church planting, but we believe it is a crucial step for several reasons:

1) Each child deserves a chance to accept Christ regardless of whether their parents or guardians  choose to take them to church.

2) It builds trust with parents when you invest in their kids and over time may bring opportunities to reach parents with the gospel.

3) As we seek to reach ethnic teens, they are often left with the care-giving responsibilities for the younger children. Therefore, having a program for kids allows the teens to be able to participate in the  ministry we offer for their age group.

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